Asif Ali Gohar comes up with a new rose variety

Nov 18, 2019 (Analyticawire) — Every rose grower wants to make an impact and ensure that he provides customers with something new and staggering. The reality is that everyone wants something different, unique and easy to use. Which is why opting for a great rose variety is what you want to pursue the most, Asif Ali Gohar, one of the top rose growers in Lahore knows that, and he wanted to establish an astounding floral variety. And that’s where the Gohar floribunda rose comes into play.

What is the Gohar Floribunda Rose?

This is a new, extraordinary rose variety that stands out with its incredible quality and bloom. The floribunda rose family is very distinctive and unique, mainly due to the fact that it combines two important types of roses.

With Gohar, Asif is combining the polyantha with hybrid tea roses. It’s a great and powerful transformation that pushes the boundaries with the incredible quality and staggering results. It stands out on its own however because it comes with a specific color range and floral approach. It’s the best of both worlds from those rose varieties while also coming up with something different.

The visual appeal is also distinct because the Gohar breed is bushier yet smaller when compared to many roses. It just brings in a great sense of diversity while still giving you more control over the process and the experience. This is a great innovation and it’s something that people will cherish and enjoy getting for themselves and their loved ones.

The New Rose Variety Comes from a Huge Passion for Roses

Asif Ali Gohar has been a part of the rose growing industry in Pakistan for more than 10 years. He knows how to work with roses and he also experiments with them very often. That’s why he wanted to come up with something different that has his own name. It’s very hard to figure out what rose variety showcases your ideas and that’s what makes the Gohar variety so unique.

With Gohar, Asif really wanted something that looks great, but which is also derived from local flowers. He wanted to imbue the power of a floribunda and make it even more colorful and bloomy. And that’s what you are basically getting with Gohar. It’s unlike any flower variety that you can find on the market at this time, yet it also offers a lot of similarities too.

If you are passionate about flowers and you’re looking for something unique and different, don’t hesitate and give the Gohar variety a try. Asif Ali Gohar put a lot of work into this creating this floral variety and it’s truly a masterpiece in its own right. With a lot of hard work and commitment, he wanted something different and extremely powerful. The Gohar variety comes at a special price and it’s also available in a very limited stock. So if you want to acquire beautiful, unique flowers, this is the perfect purchase and gift you always wanted!

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